Eurotech addresses IoT onboarding and management

  • December 20, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Italian AIoT firm Eurotech has introduced software to address typical difficulties that occur during the onboarding and management of edge IoT devices at scale.

These problems include time-consuming errors, security vulnerabilities, inconsistent data and, ultimately, unmanageable IoT devices with insecure credentials.

With Everyware GreenEdge, users can enrol edge devices with a few clicks and establish connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS), unlocking access to the full suite of AWS services, including AWS IoT Analytics.

“We are incredibly proud to make our integrated offering available in AWS Marketplace, combining our 30 years of edge expertise with the extensive IoT portfolio and global reach that AWS provides,” said Paul Chawla, CEO of Eurotech. “Everyware GreenEdge confirms Eurotech’s commitment to unleash the power of the edge by staying true to our business principles of delivering simple, agnostic and secure solutions. More than a product, Everyware GreenEdge empowers our customers to achieve their digital ambitions with confidence and speed.”

The software merges the functionality of AWS IoT Greengrass and Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF), and leverages capabilities of Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud (EC) for remote device management.

With zero-touch-provisioning (ZTP), once the device gets connected, it automatically handles the download of necessary certificates and initiates the preconfigured setup, reducing the once error-prone and time-consuming process from several hours to just a few minutes, requiring only a few skills by the installer.

Moreover, the user interface covers everything from hardware integration to communication with diverse devices and sensors, enabling both field protocol support and access to AWS services to build comprehensive applications.

Configuration is made intuitive with simplified administration tools, eliminating the need for extensive coding and transforming the setup process into a smooth workflow.

The software comes with a unified billing system for all software and services related costs in Amazon Marketplace. This streamlines the procurement process, making it easier to access and manage while benefiting from AWS’s trusted billing infrastructure.

Everyware GreenEdge will be offered across Eurotech’s edge portfolio starting with the ReliaGate 10-14, making it the industry’s first gateway to feature this, designed with security in mind, and certified to meet PSA level-one, ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 standards.

Eurotech ( is a multinational company that designs, develops and supplies edge computers and IoT services, software and hardware to system integrators and enterprises.