Energous, e-peas launch wireless energy harvesting

  • September 7, 2022
  • William Payne

Energous, a specialist in RF-based charging for wireless power networks, has launched a wireless energy harvesting evaluation kit in collaboration with e-peas, an ultra-low power tech for energy harvesting developer.

The kit has been developed for energy harvesting applications for smart buildings, smart homes, industrial IoT, medical, and asset trackers for retail and warehouses. The kit includes Energous’ 1W WattUp PowerBridge transmitter. This delivers an over-the-air solution that enables device manufacturers to implement wireless power and energy harvesting across a range of connected devices.

The kit also includes two evaluation boards from e-peas: the AEM30940 RF Evaluation Board and the EP112 Energy Harvesting Optimised Antenna Evaluation Board.

“The fast-growing IoT ecosystem includes a wide range of sensors, tags, trackers and other devices that require reliable and consistent power to deliver on their tremendous value,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “Our new Wireless Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit demonstrates the ability to harvest RF-based energy being transmitted by our WattUp PowerBridges and provides IoT device manufacturers with a platform for accelerated product development.”

“The combination of Energous and e-peas technology, brings a complete solution from transmitter to receiver enabling developers to power IoT edge devices and remove battery maintenance drawbacks for the target markets,” said Christian Ferrier CMO of e-peas.