EMQ puts MQTT service on Microsoft Azure

  • July 28, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Hong Kong-based EMQ, an open-source and cloud-native distributed MQTT broker for IoT, has announced that its X Cloud is available on Microsoft Azure.

MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) is an IoT messaging standard. The lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol transports messages between devices. It usually runs over TCP/IP, but any network protocol that provides ordered, lossless, bidirectional connections can support MQTT.

X Cloud is a fully managed MQTT service built on the worldwide used open-source MQTT broker EMQ X, which has more than ten million downloads and hundreds of thousands of deployments around the globe.

X Cloud helps users carry out their IoT projects with MQTT in a simple way, without the burden of deploying and managing the self-managed MQTT service in multiple regions of the cloud.

Users from all walks of life can flexibly use X Cloud to build an IoT application platform. X Cloud serves as the transmission channel of the real-time data collected by devices and gateways in various IoT scenarios.

After the data are filtered, converted and calculated through its rule engine, the data are distributed to cloud applications and data lakes to help users better analyse process data.

After completing the registration on the web site, users can have a fully managed MQTT 5.0 service in Azure with one-click operation. They need to select the plan, select Azure and region, and confirm and deploy.

EMQ says it is committed to providing a messaging engine for the IoT for all industries in the 5G era. In addition to the updated Azure platform, more mainstream cloud platforms have been incorporated into its research and development plan, and these will be revealed soon.

EMQ is willing to work with users to build IoT platforms and applications.

Founded in 2017, EMQ is an open-source data infrastructure software provider for IoT. It delivers an open-source MQTT message broker and stream processing database, providing a one-stop for real-time IoT data movement, stream processing and data analytics.