Device data time analysis boosted on Azure

  • April 12, 2023
  • William Payne

Analytics firm KX has launched a data timehouse platform on Microsoft Azure which provides a 100% improvement on AI, ML and analytics of device time-series data. The new platform brings new capabilities to data analysis of industrial devices, appliances, health monitoring and smart meters. It also cuts the cost of operation to one tenth that of conventional time-series analysis.

A Data Timehouse is a new class of data & AI management platform designed for temporal data generated by digital transformation. It enriches traditional data warehouse and lakehouse stores for a more complete, real-time view of the business.

The Microsoft Azure Data Timehouse, based on kdb Insights Enterprise, includes native support for Python, SQL, temporal analytics, and the ability to process time series data in real-time. It provides data scientists, data engineers, and application developers precision access to temporal data on real-time and massive historical datasets with the Azure native tools they use today.

The KX Data Timehouse innovation with Microsoft powers any dynamically changing system that requires greater observability, like generative AI, time-based data collection, simulation, and IoT-based systems. It helps the enterprise identify patterns, trends, and causality, and more accurately predict behaviours and forecast results based on what is happening in the moment.

It will target business applications where the processing and analysis of time series and machine data is a critical business requirement such as smart energy meters.

Larry Pickett, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Syneos Health: “Our collaboration with KX and Azure has been instrumental in helping further advance our technology and data capabilities with the goal of accelerating development of new therapies for patients. Together, we are working to use the power of data analytics and AI to unblock data access and compute challenges, to compress both timeframes and costs. We are thrilled to take our work to the next level and deliver even stronger results for customers with kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure.

Ashok Reddy, KX CEO: “With the launch of kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure, we are introducing the industry first Data Timehouse. This innovation enriches cloud data warehouse and lakehouse technologies so that precision time-based data can be a first-class data citizen beside structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. When it comes to operationalising these ML and AI workloads, kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure is designed for real-time deployment at scale. It was conceived from our work with the demanding time-based enterprises in the world, on Wall Street. Today, enabling data-driven decisions in real-time is at the heart of every digitally transforming enterprise for better operational and commercial outcomes.”

Corey Sanders, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Cloud for Industry: “In partnership with KX, we are pleased to launch one of industry’s first Data Timehouse on the Microsoft Azure platform. While in preview, we have already seen impressive results for customers in capital markets, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy. We look forward to working with KX to help businesses achieve transformative growth with kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure.”