Delta modular data centres speed 5G and IoT deployment

  • July 8, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
SmartNode Key Visual

Taiwanese firm Delta has introduced an all-in-one modular data centre offering for 5G and IoT edge computing. The SmartNode infrastructure provides flexible power and cooling designs.
It can be deployed quickly and scaled for versatile implementation in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Telecommunications operators, enterprises, data centre planners, colocation providers and cloud services can use this tier II-rated (tier III optional) data centre infrastructure to scale edge computing capacity and provide the infrastructure for IoT as well as low latency applications.
The modularised data centres are available in five capacities from 33 to 90kW.
“Data volumes will grow rapidly especially with the 5G roll-out and advent of low latency applications like autonomous driving, remote healthcare and so on in the near future,” said Rakesh Mukhija, Delta’s senior director in Emea. “In response to this trend, information infrastructure has to change too. There is a shift happening right now from cloud computing to edge computing. That is why Delta, with the advanced R&D capabilities and experience in the data-centre field, is introducing the new SmartNode modularised data centres, which are perfect for edge computing and enterprise level applications. The all-in-one design not only gives customers a one-stop solution, but also achieves high system integration and reliability.”
Telecommunications operators worldwide are building out their 5G infrastructures, and the IoT is growing rapidly. New networks will offer higher transmissions speeds, more bandwidth and less latency. This performance will enable more services in areas such as virtual reality, augmented reality and autonomous vehicles.
In this IT intensive world with heavy data traffic, an edge data centre acts as a caching and data-aggregation point between users and larger data centres to ease overwhelming IT loads. Network operators need affordable, reliable and quick-to-deploy infrastructure to increase efficiency and profitability.
With flexible power systems and cooling designs, SmartNode can provide a rapid deployment of pre-engineered modules with an all integrated system to enable IT revenue generation at an earlier phase for quicker investment payback.
The five capacities are 33, 35, 50, 70 and 90kW. With five standard configurations for quick selection based on requirements, all subsystems, such as modular UPS, power distribution, cooling and DCIM are integrated.
Power distribution is integrated within a UPS to save data centre space and reduce the TCO of the data centre. The module structure allows users to fill complete racks with IT equipment and use full rack loads (1420kg per rack).
The standard operating ambient temperature is -15 to +48˚C, and it is up to +39˚C without de-rating.
Condensers are surrounded with a mesh cage to provide protection during transport and against vandalism on-site. The robust construction and EI60 fire resistance allow implementation of the system in a wide range of environmental conditions.
Delta InfraSuite Manager is available as an option for the prefabricated data centres. It enables operators to automate data centre management tasks and perform optimisations.