CyberLink AI finds and tracks people

  • May 3, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

CyberLink is using artificial intelligence (AI) in a people tracker designed for greater surveillance and security.

Advances in technology, specifically AI computer vision, have made it easier to recognise and track individuals, speeding up a process that typically required extensive resources, manpower and time.

The Taiwanese company specialises in AI and facial recognition technologies. Widely used in the fields of surveillance and security, AI people tracking technology uses artificial intelligence to recognise and track the movements of individuals. Video search efficiency and investigation times are improved, enhancing surveillance capabilities in tracking persons of interest, finding missing or lost people faster, and overall security.

The people tracker expedites video investigations by combining three AI people tracking technologies – person attribute recognition, person re-identification and facial recognition.

Person attribute recognition uses deep learning to extract from image data physical attribute information such as gender, age, clothing and accessories. When an image isn’t available, known attributes can be set as search criteria.

Person re-identification uses full-body images so people can be tracked in chronological order across multiple cameras based on their physical attributes, helping expedite the search process.

When a clear facial image is present, CyberLink’s AI facial recognition engine, FaceMe, improves search accuracy by identifying people through the recognition of their faces captured by cameras.

Any area with video surveillance can add People Tracker to improve speed and efficiency of video search and security, but in areas with high foot traffic People Tracker can be crucial, particularly shopping malls, department stores and sports stadiums. It can also be used to locate lost individuals. Hospitals may have lost and wandering patients due to head trauma, dementia or medication side effects; People Tracker can help find them faster. Residents at assisted living facilities may be disoriented with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and again it can help ensure they are found quickly to ensure proper ongoing care.

“People Tracker is an AI computer vision trifecta with superior recognition and computing powers,” said Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Compatible with major VMS providers, People Tracker takes security and surveillance to the next level without the need for equipment upgrades or additional resources.”

Founded in 1996, CyberLink specialises in multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology. It addresses the demands of consumer, commercial and education markets, covering digital content creation, multimedia playback, video conferencing, live casting, mobile applications and AI facial recognition. The firm has shipped several hundred million copies of its multimedia software and apps, including the PowerDirector, PhotoDirector and PowerDVD.

The FaceMe facial recognition engine is powered by deep learning algorithms to delivers reliable, high-precision and real-time facial recognition that is critical to AIoT applications such as smart retail, smart security, surveillance, smart city and smart home.