Blues expands operations in Europe

  • August 16, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Massachusetts-based IoT firm Blues has expanded business operations across Europe with a focus on the UK, Netherlands and Germany.

Blues’ expansion will provide wireless smart device infrastructure to manufacturing, clean tech, electric vehicle charging and other crucial industries.

Blues’ connectivity delivers IoT-driven data intelligence for businesses so they can tackle global problems around clean energy or better inform manufacturing practices. By using the global cellular network, organisations can quickly and securely connect IoT devices to the cloud using Blues’ flagship products, Notecard and Notehub, eliminating connectivity difficulties, cyber-security concerns and the need for expensive infrastructure.

“Our expansion in Emea will increase global access to our IoT connectivity, solving real-world problems and giving businesses a new set of tools to make operations more efficient,” said Jim Hassman, Blues president. “European companies are leading the charge in clean tech, electric vehicle charging, manufacturing and other industries impacting our daily lives and the planet we share. But lack of reliable access to IoT data and the inability to securely connect devices to the cloud have hindered progress. With Blues’ offerings, these innovators can now empower intelligent operations and data-driven options around the globe.”

Blues makes IoT products and data analytics easy to implement and possible for all with visibility and security at every level. With Notecard and Notehub, organisations can connect their physical products to the cloud at scale with a plug-and-play option, adapting to any system or device architecture. The product includes cellular connection, offers consumption-based pricing and requires no carrier contract or subscription fees.

With easy-to-implement features, the devices provide IoT connectivity for all industries with applications in remote industrial, electric vehicle, healthcare data and air quality monitoring control.

More than 900 organisations worldwide, from non-profits to start-ups to enterprises, use Blues integrated hardware, software and cloud service IoT technologies to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences and create revenue streams.