Beam joins IMC to reach public safety buyers

  • November 18, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Beam – based in Silicon Valley and London – has joined the IoT M2M Council (IMC) to reach technology buyers in various public safety and asset-tracking sectors, among others.

The company provides real-time mobile IoT communications that convert IoT data including live video and GPS into sub-second latency, mobile messages and relevant content.

It has joined the trade association to strengthen its position in the first-responder community and expand its reach into corollary markets that are dependent on mission-critical communications for time-sensitive decision-making.

For its part, the IMC is the world’s largest community of IoT buyers, with 25,000 qualified enterprise users and product makers as rank-and-file adopter members, covering 27 different vertical markets.

“We look to the IMC to provide us with a thought leadership platform for our unique brand of communications-as-a-service,” said Mehrdad Negahban, Beam’s founder and CEO, who will sit on IMC’s board of governors. “At the same time, we hope to help expand the IMC’s influence in public safety markets, which are a hotbed for new IoT applications.”

The company is already deployed by the Honolulu Police Department in Hawaii to enhance mobile communications and situational awareness. Beam has also found applications in consumer ride-sharing and supply chain management.

The IMC supports its board and sustaining companies with exclusive access to its adopter membership for purposes of thought leadership, lead generation, promotion and research. Most recently, the association organised a full-scale, multi-day, online conference that attracted over 1000 registrants, of whom over 70% identified as buyers of IoT technology.

“We look at the IMC as a unique opportunity to reach out directly to the technology buyers in its qualified membership,” said Negahban. “Beyond that, we look for the group to provide us with entrée to important vertical markets that would be difficult to reach as an individual company.”

The IMC is the largest trade group dedicated to the global IoT and M2M sector with more than 25,000 IoT enterprise users, product makers and designers, and apps developers that buy IoT products and services as members.

Board sustainer companies include 1nce, Aeris, Amazon Web Services, AV System, Beam Live, Bics, Digi International, Fractus Antennas, HPE, iBasis, IoT Launch, Kore, Losant, MultiTech, NimbeLink, Pod Group, Taoglas, Tata Communications, Telit, U-Blox and Vodafone.