Baicells deal takes Helium internationally

  • November 2, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Helium Deploy is investing $9.5m on equipment from Texas-based Baicells to support the Helium 5G network buildout and operation internationally.

Baicells provides turnkey LTE and 5G for operators, enterprises and communities, and Helium Deploy provides Helium 5G bundles.

The partnership brings the Helium network to the international community using Baicells Nova 430H DeWi radios.

Through the partnership with Baicells, Helium Deploy is bringing the DeWi network model to the global market or more specifically, the opportunity to purchase and deploy in the US network build out. The programme pairs global consumers with US-based hosts. Consumers outside of the USA can purchase the Baicells small cells from Helium Deploy to then connect them with local hosts across the USA, who deploy the equipment.

In exchange for deploying the small cell, the host earns 20% of the Mobile Token, with the owner outside the USA taking the remaining 80%. The duration is indefinite with a minimum term of two years.

Until now, the Helium decentralised wireless (DeWi) network being built across the USA was open to participation by only those residing in the USA since the network is based on CBRS, a US specific wireless band, for wirelessly connecting users and devices.

DeWi networks are made possible by the ongoing advances in small cell technology and are increasingly gaining momentum across the USA. They offer an entirely new technical and economic model with the goal to help close the coverage gap and become a platform to launch new use cases.

A DeWi operator such as Helium allows almost anyone to purchase and deploy their own small cell, indoors or outdoors, along with a low-cost gateway to offer high performance wireless cellular connectivity to all kinds of user devices such as popular smartphones, tablets and devices that are in its local coverage footprint.

The owner-operator of the small cell then gets compensated for simply providing this wireless coverage and gets additional compensation each time a device connects and then again as more data is transported over that small cell. Compensation is in the form of the Helium Mobile Token.

In anticipation of this new programme, Helium Deploy has been evaluating the market outside the USA and quickly found there was significant demand. Helium is already known outside the USA since it offers a similar approach globally for LoRa and IoT connectivity, which uses a different and more universal wireless spectrum band globally to connect all kinds of smart devices, sensors and more.

The Helium Deploy programme allows a way forward for those outside the USA to participate and benefit from the 5G rollout that has started only in mid-2022 and is US specific. To date, in just a short duration since the 2022 launch, the Helium DeWi network boasts over 6000 radios deployed across the USA.

“As Canadians, we at Helium Deploy want to make 5G mining available to our community which is why we launched this programme and even US investors are interested in our digital miners,” said Helium Deploy CEO Emile Chouha. “We love to innovate and come up with new ways to approach crypto mining with Baicells as our partner.”

Minchul Ho, CEO of Baicells in North America, added: “Baicells is excited to be working with Helium Deploy. The company is innovative and a growing influence in the decentralised wireless ecosystem. Launching this programme to bring the earning opportunity of the DeWi to the global community will only help accelerate the scaling of the national network footprint.”

Helium Deploy is a blockchain focused company unlocking mining capabilities to the general public. It has clients across North America and Europe.

Baicells is a technology company offering turnkey 4G and 5G network technologies under new economics for service providers, enterprises and communities. With commercial deployments across more than 50 countries, offices on five continents, and engineering awarded 300 patents, Baicells has more than 700 private LTE deployments in operation, including a significant presence across North America. To meet the demand for connectivity in a mobile-first world, Baicells continues to scale with manufacturing capacity online in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.