Avanci launches 5G IoT automotive licensing programme

  • August 5, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
Avanci launches 5G Licensing Platform for the Internet of Things. This new automotive licensing program, part of Avanci’s new 5G IoT platform, will enable patent owners and IoT and automotive companies to share 5G standard essential wireless patents in a single license.

Texas-based Avanci has introduced a 5G automotive licensing programme for the IoT.
This step comes as the automotive industry works to develop connected vehicles, ensuring that this technology can be shared efficiently and affordably. 5G connectivity can deliver significant value to the automotive sector, building on the use of previous standards in connected vehicles.
This programme, part of Avanci’s 5G IoT platform, will enable patent owners and IoT and automotive companies to share 5G standard essential wireless patents in a single licence.
The 5G platform builds on the success of the Avanci marketplace, which licenses most of the 2G, 3G and 4G cellular essential patents in a single agreement at fixed and transparent rates. Avanci is now a go-to global licensing platform for connected vehicles and other IoT devices, spanning 38 patent owners and with 14 automotive brands as licensees.
The 5G automotive programme was reviewed by the US Department of Justice antitrust division. In its Business Review Letter, published last month, Makan Delrahim, assistant attorney general for the division, said: “In sum, the proposed 5G platform has the potential to yield efficiencies by reducing transaction costs and streamlining licensing for connected vehicles. Together these efficiencies may allow cellular standards-essential patent owners and vehicle manufacturers to focus resources elsewhere, such as investment in further research and development in emerging 5G technologies and applications. This possibility could enhance competition in these technologies, improve safety and benefit American consumers.”
Avanci will now begin discussions with IoT device manufacturers, the automotive industry and patent owners about streamlining the patent licensing process for 5G connected devices, as it has done for previous technologies.
“Through our one-stop Avanci marketplace we have licensed the vast majority of cellular standard-essential patents to millions of connected vehicles,” said Kasim Alfalahi, CEO of Avanci. “5G will power the IoT to expand to many new categories of connected products. As we begin operating our first 5G licensing programme for connected vehicles, we will continue to transform how patent licensing is done.”
This news follows the World Economic Forum naming Avanci as a 2020 Technology Pioneer, its selection of early to growth-stage companies that are poised to have an impact on business and society.