AT&T and Northrop Grumman use IoT to support DoD

  • April 6, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Northrop Grumman and AT&T are using IoT technology to build a digital battle network powered by 5G that can support the US Department of Defense.

The two companies plan to deliver a cost-effective, scalable, open architecture that will help the DoD connect distributed sensors, shooters and data from all domains, terrains and forces, similar to how smart devices connect and share data in our everyday lives.

This digital battle network is expected to bring together the high speeds, low latency and cyber-security protections of private 5G networks with the flexibility and scalability of AT&T’s commercial 5G capabilities and offer a critical capability to support the DoD’s vision for Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2).

“Our collaboration with AT&T brings together some of the best capabilities in defence and commercial communications to meet the evolving requirements of JADC2,” said Ben Davies, vice president at Northrop Grumman. “The enhanced connectivity and networking of information that 5G provides are a great advantage in a military environment and will help the DoD in the development of high-performing and intuitive technologies that quickly and seamlessly share data across a myriad of secure networks.”

Lance Spencer, vice president at AT&T and FirstNet, added: “Our 5G capabilities can help the Department of Defense achieve operational and information advantage when it matters most, protecting our country and freedoms around the globe. By bringing our 5G services together with Northrop Grumman’s powerful avionics and defence systems, we expect to create an ideal platform to deliver DoD’s JADC2 vision.”

The agreement establishes a joint research and development framework to prototype, demonstrate and test AT&T’s commercial 5G networking capabilities integrated with Northrop Grumman’s capabilities that are at the forefront of military technological advancement that enable the joint force.

Northrop Grumman is a technology company, focused on global security and human discovery. It equips its customers with capabilities they need to connect, advance and protect the USA and its allies. It has 90,000 employees and its headquarters are in Virginia.