Arrow works with Things on LoRaWan designs

  • September 21, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Colorado-based Arrow Electronics and Dutch firm The Things Industries are collaborating on LoRaWan device design, manufacturing and security provisioning.

The two organisations will provide LoRaWan-enabled device designs. The combined offering should help companies reduce time-to-market for LoRaWan-based products.

The Things Industries has developed Generic Node, a LoRaWan device coupled with a reference design that is optimised for low-cost IoT operations and easy integration into the cloud. Arrow is a hardware and software provider with design and sourcing expertise in the IoT space.

Arrow’s engineering service centre supports companies that are building products using the LoRaWan protocol, providing advice and recommendations. The support is tailored to match the level needed by the customer, either with complementary experience in specific areas or additional resources.

Generic Node is a LoRaWan-enabled device with a boilerplate design that requires zero hardware and firmware development. It allows developers to focus on the features of their own device without spending time redoing the basics of LoRaWan device-making. Its customisable hardware design allows Generic Node to be configured to meet requirements. Motion, freefall, temperature, humidity and orientation sensors are available on board.

Wienke Giezeman, CEO of The Things Industries, said: “The combination of our reference with Arrow’s IoT hardware and software expertise can help deliver substantial savings to customers in terms of upfront development and ongoing IoT operations costs, as well as significantly reducing time to market.”

Jamie Davey, associate vice president at Arrow Electronics, will be delivering a keynote address on Arrow’s engineering services capabilities at The Things Conference in Amsterdam later this week.

“By working with The Things Industries and Arrow, customers can get their LoRaWan-enabled product development started and completed more quickly and efficiently,” said Davey. “Arrow is here to provide the level of support required, covering design, development and manufacturing, through to secure provisioning for the cloud.”

Arrow Electronics works with more than 220,000 technology manufacturers and service providers. Its 2021 sales were $34bn.