Aptilo introduces IoT connectivity control service

  • February 5, 2020
  • imc

Swedish mobile data software company Aptilo Networks has introduced the IoT CCS connectivity control service, delivered as a service for mobile operators that want to innovate in the IoT era.
IoT CCS works with the existing mobile core as well as with the coming service-based 5G core architecture. It allows mobile operators to offer instant IoT service creation, with a service that lets enterprises define their own granular connectivity and security policies, at less cost.
“The Aptilo IoT CCS service delivers the scalability and flexibility necessary for operators to rapidly innovate in the IoT era, enabling business models that were previously considered unthinkable,” said Paul Mikkelsen, CEO of Aptilo Networks. “We have been working with policy control since 2001 and have recently received requests from many of our 100 plus operator customers to extend this to also include IoT connectivity management.”
Operators have designed their mobile core for a handful of different subscription types resulting in a few predefined policies. However, IoT users often need their own unique subscriptions with complex and dynamic connectivity and security policies. The ability to offer these kinds of instant, customised IoT services is nearly impossible to achieve in the current mobile core.
Operators typically must choose between using the existing mobile core and offer a handful of uniform IoT connectivity services, or adding a dedicated mobile core for IoT – a core capable of handling the complex and dynamic policies unique to each user.
IoT CCS offers a third alternative by adding a connectivity control and security layer for IoT services on top of the existing mobile core. This means IoT connectivity services can be produced in a matter of days rather than months.
Operators can put business users in the driver’s seat through a web self-service portal for policy controls enabled by IoT CCS APIs. Enterprises receive real-time and historical insights into IoT device connectivity. IoT CCS provides security through VPN tunnels and policy enforcement, as well as device traffic filtering, DDos protection and other security features.
Operators can add international mobile operator partners to their IoT CCS service. Combined with their ability to instantly localise eSIM cards (eUICC) over-the-air, operators can offer global connectivity without roaming charges.
Through the CCS multi-tenancy virtual APN, operators can offer a secure international connectivity with optional local break-out for selected traffic. The business user can save in logistics and administration costs by handling just one unified eSIM card and one VPN connection instead of multiple local SIM cards and VPN connections for each mobile operator.
Aptilo Networks is a provider of carrier-class systems to manage data services with functions for authentication, policy control and charging. Its SMP service management platform has become synonymous with wifi service management and wifi offload in large-scale deployments with more than 100 operators in over 75 countries, and is a critical component of wifi calling and IoT.