Antzertech chooses U-Blox for GNSS card

  • December 16, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Antzertech, an internet of vehicles (IoV) and telematics provider based in Taiwan, has announced a GNSS expansion card that uses a U-Blox module to achieve centimetre-level accuracy.

The product is designed in Mini-PCIe form factor with U-Blox’s Zed F9P/F9R GNSS module, which can be integrated with embedded system to make a compact product. Antzertech’s Can-to-ADR technology extends its usage to tunnels and urban canyons where satellite signals are poor or blocked.

The wireless network infrastructure and artificial intelligence technology make a lot of applications possible and improve safety and efficiency of existing applications. Applications such as ground robotics navigation for field inspection, lane-level navigation for vehicles, heavy machine navigation, automatic agricultural machinery and railway transportation all require centimetre-level positioning accuracy to ensure their operation.

Antzertech’s Anna-F9 GNSS Mini-PCIe card provides a way to achieve high accuracy positioning. It integrates the Zed-F9 receiver platform, providing multi-band GNSS and RTK positioning. The Anna-F9 supports RTCM formatted corrections and centimetre-level positioning from local base stations or virtual reference stations in a network RTK setup. Moreover, the GNSS module is available to upgrade for a future SSR-type correction service suitable for mass-market penetration.

The Anna-F9 series has optional configurations including 3D inertial measurement unit (IMU) that support dead reckoning technologies such as UDR (untethered dead reckoning), ADR (automotive dead reckoning) or Antzertech’s patented Can-to-ADR.

Additionally, it is equipped with 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer for users who need to monitor the operation of the machine. Within a compact Mini-PCIe card, Anna-F9 provides positioning accuracy and features that can be integrated into an embedded system.

Antzertech is a subsidiary of Innodisk. Founded in 2015, Antzertech committed itself to innovation with expertise of Can bus (Raw Can, OBDII, J1939), J1708, GNSS positioning, dead reckoning, motion sensors and wireless communications. With hardware, software and system integration knowledge, Antzertech aims to provide products for tracking, telematics, asset monitoring, unmanned vehicle systems, and IoV and IoT applications.