Alvaldi boosts IoT management on Azure IoT Edge

  • November 29, 2023
  • William Payne

Device lifecycle management specialist has launched a remote access solution to improve management of IoT devices on Azure IoT Edge. The Alvaldi solution offers OEMs a remote access solution that allows support teams to securely connect to remote IoT devices, quickly troubleshoot errors, and efficiently resolve issues from within an Azure IoT Hub and IoT Edge integrated app.

The solution provides improved visibility and security while enabling remote access to system management features. Teams can access their connected devices instantly with Azure IoT Edge integration through the terminal, investigate issues, review inventory details, run commands, upload scripts, and download log files. The company says Alvaldi provides complete end-to-end security ensures only authorized users access each device. Security features include: remote terminal session replays, zero open ports, authentication, strong encryption, and role-based access control reinforce security and compliance in each step.

“Improving customer experiences, increasing competitiveness through innovation, and ensuring cybersecurity continues to transform the IoT landscape,” states Thomas Ryd, CEO, the company behind Alvaldi. “The growing scale and complexity of IoT devices makes achieving these objectives difficult through traditional methods. Alvaldi delivers an IoT-focused solution to an IoT problem.”