Advantech keynotes focus on AI, IoT and edge

  • December 6, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Keynotes from Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel and Nvidia outlined the growing importance of AI, IoT and edge technology at last week’s Advantech World Partner Conference in Taipei.

“If artificial intelligence is not part of your business strategy yet, then you need to speed up,” said Irfan Ali, Nvidia’s head of edge segment sales.

He said in his keynote address that the way companies deployed and managed AI was going to be very critical.

Irfan Ali.

“AI has been around a long time, but there is something fundamentally different now,” he said. “ChatGPT is changing the world. All of this is moving at such speed.”

Generative AI, he said, would transform edge AI.

“There is a big transition happening, and this is growing exponentially fast,” he said.

The growth in vision AI and natural language processing, he said, had applications in asset management, robotics, defect inspection, robot-human interactions and so on.

“We can interact with the robots using natural languages,” he said. For more on Nvidia, go to

René Torres.

René Torres, vice president at Intel ( agreed. He said: “If you don’t believe AI is coming, then go talk to the kids. We want to bring AI everywhere. We are opening AI to the edge.”

And Shawn Jack, vice president of Advantech’s embedded business in North America, said there was a “significant opportunity” with AI.

“The productivity gains we will see will be impressive,” he said.

Shawn Jack.

This was Advantech’s 30th world partner conference in what is the Taiwanese firm’s 40th year since its founding in 1983. It was held at the company’s AIoT Co-Creation Campus in Taipei.

KC Liu, Advantech ( co-founder and chairman, said combining edge and AIoT was part of the company’s core strategy.

KC Liu.

“Edge computing will grow very significantly over the next five to ten years,” he said. “We are integrating generative AI into AIoT. Generative AI has accumulated so much knowledge in the world.”

To read an interview with KC Liu at the conference, go here.

Jeffrey Torrance.

Among the other keynote speakers was Qualcomm ( senior vice president Jeffrey Torrance. He said digital transformation was such an important space.

“We need to make more machines, and make machines more useful,” he said. “The edge is becoming more complicated and more sophisticated. There is a real drive towards the edge.”

Cathy Yeh.

And Cathy Yeh, principal group manager at Microsoft (, said her company was “embracing the new AI era of industrial transformation”. She said companies wanted to deploy IoT and IoT technology.

Esther Wu.

“AI can empower humans and industry to cope with urgency and complexity,” she said. “It enables us – the humans – to make better decisions. We need the computing power to do AI at the edge.”

Esther Wu, a business developer at Advantech, said edge computing was helping the energy infrastructure become more reliable and creating new business models such as AIoT ecommerce.