Zurich, Greater Than develop New Mobility UBI

  • June 10, 2020
  • imc

Insurtech firm Greater Than is collaborating with Zurich Insurance in the UK to offer a new mobility customer fleet usage-based insurance. The unnamed customer is a UK-based car-sharing service. The new service will provide dynamic pricing, reduced risk and improved environmental impact across a UK-based fleet of fuel, hybrid and electric cars.

The dynamic insurance offering, maintained by Greater Than’s AI-based platform Enerfy, is designed to be an optimal solution for car-sharing services. It includes real-time risk insight and pricing through the Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker and is implemented on the fleet across the UK.

“The pursuit and adoption of truly innovative technology for the benefit of our customers is a pillar of Zurich UK’s current and future ambitions. Therefore, along with Greater Than, offering this flexible and transparent customer solution with a real focus on improving road safety and minimising environmental impact is a very positive step for us,” said Duncan Fletcher, South East Region Major Customer Manager at Zurich.

Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker from Greater Than, provide Zurich and their customer with analysis for the entire fleet’s operation and cost in real-time, which is a prerequisite for sustainable and dynamic pricing. Through the AI insight, they get new customer insight and cost control in real-time and will enable the development of new services for shared mobility.

“Dynamic pricing is here to stay, and with these two reliable partners at the side, we are proud to enable them to manage risk and cost at an entirely new level”, said Johanna Forseke, CBO at Greater Than.