Wejo expands Road Health to EU

  • March 20, 2023
  • William Payne

English mobility data company Wejo is expanding its Road Health solution to selected markets in the European Union. Road Health aggregates data and analytics across roads so that governments can make better informed road safety and infrastructure decisions. The solution is powered by NIRA Dynamics, a vehicle onboard analytics and road perception company specialising in sensor fusion and road surface monitoring systems. NIRA Dynamics is a subsidiary of CARIAD, an automotive software company within the Volkswagen Group.

Road Health collects road information, combining road friction, roughness, and road bumps in real-time to create a detailed view of road surface conditions across towns and cities. With Road Health, transportation departments can analyse the conditions of vehicles, causes of maintenance needs, and reasons for structural deterioration on roads to get a clear view of what has happened before and now, improving road safety and decreasing maintenance and asset management costs.

“Road Health will grant government agencies across Europe capabilities to analyse comprehensive road-by-road intelligence to identify road maintenance priorities using connected vehicle data,” said Richard Barlow, founder and CEO of Wejo. “By pairing historical knowledge of long-term road health with current road condition insights, towns, cities, as well as regional and national transportation departments can deliver faster, smarter, and safer journeys for everyone on the road.”

“Together, we will provide information to improve road safety across Europe,” said Lisa Åbom, CEO of NIRA Dynamics. “Connected car data makes it possible to improve safety by optimising road maintenance and providing visibility of what is happening on our roads throughout the year.”