Waymo Phoenix Data Underscores Safety Record

  • November 3, 2020
  • William Payne

Waymo has released data on its self-driving taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has reported that its self driving cars have been involved in 18 incidents in 2019. Waymo described these incidents as ‘minor’.

The company says that it aims to build public trust in self driving technology by publishing the data. It also hopes that it will help car makers and regulators design effective industry-wide standards for self driving car safety.

Waymo vehicles have had a minor incident every 339,000 miles, according to the data. 29 further incidents have been prevented through the intervention of a human safety driver. That equates to an incident prevented by human intervention once every 210,000 miles.

The company claims that none of the incidents, either actual or prevented, would have led to serious injuries.

Waymo also claimed that its self driving cars were rear-ended 11 times, which the company claims is the average for conventionally driven vehicles travelling the distances of its self driving cars.

The company say that eight of the most serious incidents in Phoenix recorded in its figures involved human error. Waymo says that its technology has successfully avoided any incidents such as striking fixed objects or leaving the road, incidents that are chief among causes of death in road traffic accidents.