VinFast adopts HERE Intelligent Speed Assistance

  • July 20, 2022
  • William Payne

Vietnamese EV maker VinFast is integrating the HERE Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) Map into its VF 8 and VF 9 electric SUVs intended for Europe. The move will improve driver safety and comply with the EU’s General Safety Regulations on ISA. The HERE ISA Map will be appear on VinFast eSUVs from the second half of 2022.

ISA is an in-vehicle driver assistance feature that seeks to reduce the number of road accidents and traffic casualties. It informs drivers about a road’s speed limit and warns them if they exceed the speed limit.

Starting in July 2022, ISA is mandatory for all new-model cars, vans, trucks and buses produced for EU markets. From July 2024 onwards, car makers must equip every new vehicle sold in the EU with ISA functionality.

The HERE ISA Map provides drivers with enhanced road safety information. This includes both explicit speed limits visible on road signs and implicit speed limits. The ISA Map provides greater situational awareness for drivers who may be unfamiliar with a road, or be stuck in bad weather.

By integrating the HERE ISA Map, VinFast can enhance safety and comply with the EU’s General Safety Regulations.

Headquartered in Singapore, VinFast is Vietnam’s first volume car manufacturer. The company has become a major manufacturer of electric vehicles. VinFast has partnered a number of international car and electric bus makers, including BMW, GM and Siemens.

The company is aiming at a major expansion into Europe. It has sourced major European design, engineering and production technology for new models to be produced at its new 828 acre greenfield site in Hai Phong.

VinFast CEO Ms Le Thi Thu Thuy said “VinFast always aims to comply with traffic safety regulations in our global markets. HERE ISA map will provide VinFast drivers with accurate speed limit information in an intuitive manner that makes the overall VinFast driving experience safer and more desirable.”

Edzard Overbeek, Chief Executive Officer at HERE Technologies said, “HERE is a proud partner of automotive OEMs globally as we seek to improve driver and roadway safety together. We look forward to bringing driver safety to greater heights and continue to support VinFast’s rapid and successful growth in multiple markets.”