Troxus launch all terrain long range e-bike

  • January 4, 2023
  • William Payne

EV manufacturer Troxus Mobility has launched an e-bike designed for long range and all terrain bike riding. The 26″ e-bike Explorer series features step-thru and step-over styles.

The battery uses Samsung batteries cells and is equipped with a BMS chip. The charging and discharging process of the battery can be managed to prolong battery service life.

Explorer is designed for long-distance riding and features a lightweight 6061 aluminium frame together with a large volume 48V/20Ah battery.

The bike is also equipped with an explorer Smart Display enabling riders to easily check their stats like Speed, Battery, Assistance level, and Trip Distance. The backlit LCD display lets the rider check the info at a glance so they can keep their eyes on the road.

Troxus’ Explorer bike is equipped with rugged 26″ Kenda Fat Tires. The Kenda-tire liners are made from a layer of aramid and ceramic particles built-in under the tread area and along the side-walls. This material forms a defence line that can provide effective protection against punctures from glass and other small materials.

Speaking about its services, the founder of Troxus Mobility said: “By using our know-how and experience in the electric mobility industry we plan to merge the latest in scooter and bike technology with high-quality materials to create truly innovative products. Ultimately our goal is to provide our riders all around the world with the perfect riding experience.”

An early user of the Explorer, Fred Halfmann, said: “Had my Explorer step Over for a few weeks now and I am thrilled with it. I am 63 with marginal knees and the bike gives me a real sense of freedom, like I can go anywhere without the dreaded thought of spending all my energy on one or two difficult hills. I have a place near a ski slope and as you can imagine, it is nothing but hills. I can go up the steepest of them without breaking much of a sweat and as I come down them, hoping my breaks don’t overheat, I am amazed at the hills I just climbed without much effort. Great product so far. I hope it holds up as I hope to put many miles on it.”

Troxus entered the US market in 2019 with its first electric scooters T1 series. The company has now entered the electric bike market with Explorer.