Transport group to integrate smart city technology

  • May 30, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

A transportation group set up by entrepreneur Dan Dietrich aims to integrate smart city technology with traffic management infrastructure.

The initiative by ITS technology developer Dietrich is led by a panel of transportation experts and offers the innovative transit technology that streamlines day-to-day traffic management, paving the way for the future of smart cities.

In a move aimed at changing the dynamics of the American traffic industry, Dietrich has launched D2 Traffic Technologies to offer AI-powered tools to traffic and city management, including licence plate recognition, vehicle occupancy assessment and smart pedestrian crossings to streamline the transit experience and plant the seeds for potential smart city development.

“We’ve assembled a team of professionals with proven and varied backgrounds in traffic and transportation,” said Dietrich. “Where there is opportunity, there is always challenge. But we genuinely believe there is huge potential here. We can design the blueprint of the modern smart city with these technologies.”

He has assembled a team under industry veteran Eric Gannaway.

“This new initiative provides us with a chance to bring tech that is proven in other markets to the American traffic industry,” said Gannaway, “It’s the best way to innovate and continue making roads safer, and that will always be the core mission at D2.”

Transportation technology in the USA is in the middle of a revolution. Innovation in edge and fog-based processing capabilities, connectivity, cloud-based applications, electrified mobility, and data sharing have driven creative thought to solve existing and emerging mobility problems.

D2 Traffic Technologies is applying this to real-world projects. Created to fill a gap in the mobility, traffic, and smart city markets, D2 provides innovation, smart products, services and support to streamline infrastructure and systems. The vision is to facilitate a seamlessly integrated smart city through the technical product innovations by partnering with companies such as Omniflow, Macq, Innovusion, In-vision and Zitek.