TomTom’s introduces professional truck navigation

  • September 14, 2022
  • William Payne

TomTom has introduced professional truck driving features to its Android Go Navigation app. The new truck plan allows truck drivers to plan routes that account for their vehicle’s dimensions, fuel requirements, desired maximum speeds and different cargoes, such as dangerous goods.  

Drivers can also plan multiple drop-offs and gain access to an overview of upcoming points of interest (POIs) – such as fuel stations suitable for their vehicle and truck stops. Truck-specific additions work in conjunction with the app’s existing navigation features such as intuitive lane guidance, live traffic and the Route Bar – a snapshot of the route, stops, relevant alerts and restrictions ahead.  

To help truck drivers better manage ETAs, TomTom ETAs adjust according to real-time traffic data to give drivers a more realistic snapshot of their schedule. The app is compatible with Android Auto, and drivers can sync their route with their in-dash screen. The TomTom GO Navigation’s truck plan user interface is designed to minimize distractions and keep attention on the road.

By accounting for factors like vehicle size and cargo type, the plan helps truck drivers keep to changing road regulations – such as avoiding prohibited routes and complying with UN Class restrictions. Upcoming updates will include features such as taking low emission zones into account.    

“Truck navigation on mobile is a game changer. The new plan is a result of TomTom’s long-standing relationship with professional drivers. After years of experience with truck-specific sat navs, we understand this industry’s biggest pain-points, so we were able to develop a solution that fills the gap left by the generic navigation offerings found in other apps,” said Pim Spaanderman, Managing Director, TomTom Consumer.  

“As a third-generation truck driver, I can say with some confidence that this addition couldn’t come sooner. Having TomTom’s large-vehicle navigation features right there on an app is a big win for the trucking community,” said Luke Cuss, one of TomTom’s trucking ambassadors. “The job gets challenging at times, sure, and changing traffic conditions and regulations can be hard to keep up with – but this plan will help us stay on top of all that, meaning we can focus on the road ahead, enjoy the ride and stay on schedule.”