Taoglas and u-blox ultra-reliable GNSS for e-bikes

  • October 27, 2021
  • William Payne

IoT specialist Taoglas and positioning tech developer u-blox has showcased an e-bike at the Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles. Developed for e-bike provider COWBOY, the COWBOY e-bike is equipped with highly reliable and accurate connected and GNSS location technology that illustrates u-blox and Taoglas’ combined expertise in providing high-performance, industry-best, positioning and connectivity solutions.

The COWBOY is a connected electric bike for urban riders: it aims to enable power riders to map their own paths, and those of the cities they live in.

According to Taoglas, the cornerstone of the micro-mobility revolution and connected smart e-bikes is real-time, and reliable GNSS accuracy. The COWBOY e-bike utilises smart road companion applications that ensure riders get precise information – regardless of the route they travel. Taoglas’ Accura GVLB258.A, a multi-band GNSS L1/L5, high-performance stacked patch antenna for extremely accurate and reliable location data applications, in conjunction with u-blox’s SAM-M8Q GNSS positioning module, allows for extremely low power and industry leading accuracy. This helps with providing the new smart location-based services to e-bike riders.

“COWBOY e-bikes are changing the rules of the game with a beautifully designed e-bike and a highly connected experience, providing users the ultimate riding experience at every step of the way”, said Tanguy Goretti, Co-Founder and CTO at COWBOY. “Taoglas’ high-precision GNSS accuracy expertise, combined with u-blox’s positioning and wireless connectivity solutions are essential building blocks of our offerings, enabling a wide range of advanced micromobility services, which include Easy Rider for theft detection, bike insurance, and crash detection notifications.”

“We are excited to work with COWBOY and u-blox to provide the most advanced technology solutions for rider safety,” said Dermot O’Shea, Co-CEO of Taoglas.” By combining Taoglas’ world-class antennas with u-blox’s industry-leading wireless modules, micromobility providers can be confident that their customers have a reliable and high-performance positioning solution. Taoglas’ considerable experience designing highly precise GNSS antenna and RF solutions, coupled with customer-centric support, enabled COWBOY to get from development phase to launching the product into the market with ease and speed.”

“We met COWBOY as a startup located in a coworking space in Brussels”, said Stephen Kaufmann, Sales Director at u-blox. “We were impressed by the inspiration and aspirations of the COWBOY team from the very beginning of our relationship with them. Our wide range of core connectivity and positioning solutions enabled the designers to bring their smart bikes to market quickly without the need to develop technology from scratch.”