Sber launches autonomous vehicle

  • June 9, 2021
  • William Payne

Russian technology company SberAutoTech has revealed a prototype of its own autonomous vehicle for future mobility, FLIP.

The vehicle has a proprietary electric platform driven by an electric motor powered by a replaceable battery module. Fast-swappable batteries can be replaced in five minutes, making it comparable to conventional car fuelling times.

FLIP can be powered from both electricity and other alternative fuels like natural gas and hydrogen.

FLIP has the dimensions of a conventional passenger car, measuring 3.62 m by 1.95 m, but has 40% more interior space. Designed as a fully autonomous vehicle, FLIP has no traditional control panels and is capable of carrying six persons.

The platform has passenger face recognition and user customisation through a virtual assistant named Salute. Infotainment for FLIP passengers is powered by the Sber ecosystem and Sber partners: 2GIS navigation, setting music streaming Services of SberSound and video streaming via Okko.

The vehicle’s driving automation is based on SberAutoTech’s self-driving technology using a combination of lidars, radars, and cameras to evaluate the road environment. FLIP supports both V2V and V2X.