Rio Tinto to pilot Rail Vision’s Collision Avoidance System

  • May 26, 2021
  • William Payne

Rail Vision, a subsidiary of Israeli automotive vision firm Foresight Autonomous Holdings, is supplying equipment, services and personnel to Australian rail operator Rio Tinto Railway Network through an agreement signed with Hitachi Rail STS Australia.

According to the agreement, Hitachi Rail STS, the project integrator, will provide Rio Tinto with a prototype of Rail Vision’s Collision Avoidance System to undergo demonstration and feasibility testing for a proof-of-concept project. 

Revenue from the project is expected to total $265,000, with an option for Rail Vision to furnish additional services for $133,000. Foresight owns 19.36% of Rail Vision’s outstanding share capital.

Rio Tinto is looking to enhance its current collision detection system by adding detection capabilities to identify potential hazards, such as people and vehicles, on or near the train tracks. 

Successful demonstrations and testing may lead to Rail Vision outfitting Rio Tinto’s entire fleet of approximately 220 locomotives with its systems, according to commercial terms to be determined by the parties. System prices and additional terms are yet to be specified.

AutoHaul, an autonomous heavy haul rail network – claimed as the world’s first, is an open network with 52 public level crossings, with trains nearly 2.5 kilometers long with three locomotives and 240 wagons, weighing approximately 37,000 tons per train.

The project will consist of three phases: the first phase will include data acquisition and live demonstrations, followed by a second stage of preliminary technical work towards installation of the system on Rio Tinto’s locomotive. 

In the third and final phase, Rail Vision’s system will be installed at Rio Tinto’s site for an evaluation period of three months. The expected duration of the project is nine months, with the installation at the customer’s site, anticipated for the third quarter of 2021. 

Via a project-dedicated staff, Rail Vision will provide customisation, development services and support throughout the project.