Rekor integrates Otonomo data into City platform

  • August 14, 2022
  • William Payne

Smart City AI specialist Rekor is integrating connected vehicle data from Israeli smart mobility data platform Otonomo into its Roadway Monitoring and Response Platform. Integrating Otonomo’s data will enhance the accuracy and detail of Rekor’s incident identification system. This will allow emergency services to identify and respond to traffic incidents faster than at present.

Rekor employs Otonomo’s Smart Mobility Data Platform to support customers across departments of transportation, city traffic management centres, and regional transportation centres in St Louis, Missouri, Gothenberg, Sweden, and the broader bay area of San Francisco, California.

The Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform provides real-time traffic flows across road systems, and allows cities to manage emissions, control idling areas, optimise parking and public transport, and create data-driven simulations for short- and long-term planning. Road safety can be managed through near-real-time and historical data on accidents, hard braking, or speed, in addition to weather events and road friction to identify hazardous sections of road and plan for necessary improvements. The platform also supports infrastructure and transportation developments with vehicle count, average speed, and origin/destination data to determine site analysis and demand planning.

“Ingesting connected vehicle data through Otonomo’s Smart Mobility Data Platform into our Rekor One Traffic Management solution further expands the breadth and depth of our global roadway coverage and accuracy of real-time and predictive traffic analytics to enable customers to achieve safer roads and drivers, and to gain the highest level of roadway intelligence,” said David Desharnais, President of Rekor. “This expanded partnership accelerates the future of mobility for our customers today and is aligned with our vision of intelligent infrastructure, including autonomous vehicles and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) interactions.”

“Otonomo is helping customers unlock access to road condition detection, which can be used to alert drivers of upcoming dangerous obstacles and speed up police and insurance investigations at accident sites—all while reducing the number of traffic fatalities in the process. The breadth of insights available through the Smart Mobility Data Platform extends Rekor’s roadside and emergency response capabilities, including in rural areas that have fewer traffic sensors and cameras,” said Anders Truelsen, Chief Revenue Officer of Otonomo. “As a leading innovator in the mobility space, we’re excited to grow our relationship over the coming years with Rekor to deliver the roadway intelligence of the future.”