Plus Autonomous Trucks boost Anti-Climate Change Action

  • July 5, 2021
  • William Payne

Self driving truck maker Plus is partnering with start-up Good Machine on a pilot programme to boost sustainability and Anti-Climate Change projects.

Plus’s automated trucks will help move equipment used for Good Machine’s sustainability efforts to address wildfires, food insecurity, illicit wildlife poaching, and illegal fishing. 

The partnership starts immediately with Plus’s autonomous truck hauling equipment from Winnemucca, Nevada to South San Francisco, California to be used for a wildfire detection project in California. Additional hauls will take place over the next year of the pilot program.

A benefit of using Plus’s autonomous driving technology to haul goods on a semi-truck is the reduction of fuel consumption by 10% compared to the most efficient driver, which results in an equal decrease in carbon emissions. While Plus’s technology is poised to have a dramatic impact on the $4 trillion global truck freight market, each truckload is an opportunity to reduce the burden of trucking on the environment.

“Sustainability is part of the core mission for both Plus and Good Machine. By joining forces, we are creating a win-win-win for our companies and the environment. Plus is delighted to serve as an enabler of Good Machine’s inspiring sustainability efforts by using our fuel-efficient autonomous trucks to transport the equipment and supplies needed to launch these projects,” said Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-founder at Plus.

David Solomon, CEO of Good Machine, said: “At Good Machine, we believe that solutions to the worldʼs most pressing problems need to be inventive, sustainable, and scalable. We are excited to collaborate with a mission-aligned partner in Plus that is commercialising a sustainable commercial transportation solution which reduces the carbon footprint of our shipping needs.”

Good Machine has a broad portfolio of projects addressing globally devastating issues caused by climate change and marine pollution. It includes ReefGen, an underwater, dexterous, planting robot that is reviving marine ecosystems and coral tourism around the world. Fresure is a shipping container outfitted with solar panel energy to keep perishable foods cold during handling and storage, which reduces post-harvest losses and increases the available food supply to address food insecurity. The wildfire detection project aims to use stratospheric balloon technology to detect fires early and report them to relevant authorities to help reduce catastrophic damage. 

Good Machine and its portfolio companies work with a number of partners, including Johns Hopkins University, Minderoo Foundation, National Science Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, Schmidt Futures, Wildlife Conservation Society, WorldFish, and others.