Peachtree adopts Network Optix traffic video

  • May 27, 2024
  • William Payne

State of Georgia smart city Peachtree Corners has appointed traffic video specialist Network Optix to integrate its Nx Go traffic infrastructure system into the city’s ‘IoT Control Room’. It is the first time the company’s technology has been deployed as a full solution in the United States.

Peachtree Corner’s ‘IoT Control Room’ features a wall of screens that integrates traffic camera feeds and data from LiDAR and more sensors installed across smart roadway infrastructure provided by Network Optix. The city 5G-connected infrastructure communicating with autonomous vehicles alongside regular traffic and pedestrians.

Nx Go software takes an array of devices into a single, cohesive network to simplify management and amplify data-generation capacity of infrastructure. At Peachtree Corners, cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) powered roadways feature sensors and devices installed across light and traffic signal fixtures, crosswalks, buildings and more to communicate with connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles and pedestrians. The management and viewing of information are critical components to managing the smart city. The transportation solution, poised to expand across the country, also helps generate critical data such as intersection analytics, car counts, lane usage and more to enhance operational efficiency and data utilisation.

“We’re proud to be the first city to fully integrate the Nx Go solution for transportation infrastructure in the U.S.,” said Curiosity Lab Executive Director Brandon Branham. “Our IoT Control room has been a model for how other smart cities across the world can aggregate massive amounts of data from sensors across connected infrastructure into the future – so it was only fitting that we partner with Network Optix to process and display traffic sensor data. From fixed LiDAR to traffic camera feeds delivered over the 5G network, this data is critical to city operations that ensure roadway safety for autonomous vehicles, regular drivers and pedestrians.”

“We are thrilled to be partnered with the country’s premier smart city and Curiosity Lab ecosystem, showcasing different technologies from all over the world across its traffic infrastructure. This is the only location with the full range of Nx Go technologies available, allowing us to fully showcase the extent of sensors, LiDAR and more the city has deployed across their smart city ecosystem,” said Network Optix Director of Mobility Platform Business Development Marc Faubert. “Having Nx Go as the visual to display such technology gives Peachtree Corners a single pane of glass to be proactive and monitor, evaluate and implement various strategies to improve the city. With Peachtree Corners’ government leadership always innovating, there was no better place to integrate our solution first than in the heart of what’s becoming known as ‘Silicon Orchard’ by technology developers globally.”