PCTEL 5G antenna for connected rail

  • February 13, 2023
  • William Payne

Wireless technology specialist PCTEL has launched a new antenna platform designed for smarter rail communications and IIoT applications.

The VerStack platform consists of 5G and GNSS vertically stacked antennas and uses PCTEL’s broadband element technology to provide improved RF performance in rail and IIoT applications. The antennas have been designed in a UV-resistant fibreglass housing for harsh environmental conditions.

Denis Dmitruk, PCTEL’s Technical Product Manager, said, “Enabling mission critical connectivity is key for our customers in the rail market. The VerStack antenna platform allows secure and reliable communication exchanges between trains and wayside locations resulting in detection and prevention of safety-critical conditions, advance warning to locomotive engineers to take corrective actions, and monitoring and diagnosis necessary for proactive maintenance.”