MiX Telematics launch fleet tracking without embedded hardware

  • February 10, 2021
  • William Payne

Connected fleet management SaaS provider MiX Telematics has launched an app- based tracking for vehicles and drivers that eliminates the need for embedded fleet tracking electronics. MyMiX Tracking enables real-time tracking of drivers while also recording, measuring and enabling real-time self-correction of risky driving behaviour events including speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and mobile phone use while driving.

The app-based solution is an extension of MyMiX, a driver engagement app that equips drivers with valuable information and alerts to improve their driving style, including immediate, in-cab audible feedback.

The solution is aimed at customers running sub-contractor vehicles, leased vehicles, company cars, short-term rentals or grey fleets, and is designed as a cost effective alternative to installing a hard-wired on-board computer or tracking device inside a vehicle. Fleet managers can achieve 100% visibility of all trips for unsafe or inefficient driving behaviours.

“We’re excited about this addition to our product portfolio which presents a new growth opportunity for MiX,” said Catherine Lewis, Executive VP of Technology for MiX Telematics. “For over two decades, we have delivered valuable information to our customers using in-vehicle hardware, to help improve the safety, efficiency, security and compliance of their vehicles and drivers. While fixed-install devices will continue to be the appropriate enabling technology for many fleets, the MyMiX Tracking app provides a practical and cost-effective option to expand management coverage to short-term vehicles or those not owned by the company – without the need to install hardware.”