MERX adopts E-SMART Active Speed Management

  • July 6, 2022
  • William Payne

Chicago based transport company MERX Global is partnering ADAS specialist E-SMART. Under the partnership, E-SMART will equip MERX Global’s fleet of more than 250 trucks with its ADAS technology. According to E-SMART, its active, real time speed control decreases speeding events by more than 90%.

E-SMART uses positioning technology to determine vehicle location to manage maximum allowed speed. The technology also provides low bridge collision avoidance, active geofencing and remote vehicle immobilisation. The company says customers using its technology have reported a significant decrease in speed-related accidents, infringements, and a significantly improved CSA scores.

“Safety has been our number one priority from day one of operation,” said Pavel Peneff, Vice-President at MERX Global. “Utilising the latest technology that helps our drivers and motorists be safe on the road is key. When we implemented E-SMART, we saw an immediate reduction in the number of speeding events. Less speeding events meant safer drivers, less accidents and better safety scores for the company.”

“MERX Global was an early adoptor of E-SMART technology and is now deploying the technology to the full fleet. Initially, Volvo introduced the tech to the Peneff brothers who got very involved in the evaluation of the technology and its efficient deployment.”, said Mathieu Boivin, CEO at E-SMART.