Mercedes-Benz links cars to smart homes

  • October 3, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

German car maker Mercedes-Benz is connecting its vehicles to intelligent homes via the MBux Voice Assistant’s smart home function.

Smart home technology is shaping the future of more intelligent homes. From temperature and lighting equipment to garage doors and electrical appliances, devices can now be remotely monitored and controlled, making homes capable of communication and offering users more convenience than ever.

With the MBux Voice Assistant smart home function, all Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with the assistant can operate as an intelligent control centre for the home, all while drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the traffic.

“Hey Mercedes, is there anybody in my home right now?” “I’ve had a look. The last movement was detected in the kitchen one hour ago.”

This is how a dialogue between the driver or passenger and their smart home could sound using the voice assistant.

Available now, the MBux smart home function supports numerous devices offered by Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, TP-Link and MyQ by Chamberlain Group made for certain lights, smart plugs, thermostats, motion detectors and garage doors.

Activating a smart home account is available as a complimentary service to provide additional functionality and convenience for Mercedes-Benz drivers and their companions. It does not require any package upgrades nor incur any costs for the user.

Smart home accounts for the devices can be linked to the user’s MBux profile. Users can simply say, “Hey Mercedes, connect my smart home account” to generate a QR code in the central display and scan it with a smartphone. Accounts can also be paired via the linked accounts menu option using the Mercedes Me Connect mobile app. The authentication mechanism of Mercedes-Benz vehicles ensures only authorised users can obtain access to smart home appliances.

For added convenience, appliances by different providers can be connected at the same time and answer questions simultaneously. For example, asking, “Hey Mercedes, is everything OK at home?” causes all installed equipment to check their statuses. The answer could be: “All the windows are closed, and the light is still on in the bedroom.”

Smart home integration into MBux Voice Assistant also allows users to check home motion detectors from their vehicle, helping increase security and a sense of safety. The convenience of being able to turn off the lights from the car after a hasty departure provides additional advantages and comfort for the user.

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