Luokung V2X & Digital Twin for Puxin Highway

  • June 20, 2022
  • William Payne

Chinese HD mapping firm Luokung affiliate eMapgo has been picked to provide V2X and digital twin technologies for the smart highway section at Heze of the Puyang-Yangxim motorway, which extends from China’s Henan Province to Yangxin in Shandong Province.

Luokung’s self-developed highway digital twin visualisation management and control platform (the “Platform”) is based on the Luokung Smart Digital Base and integrates multi-source data such as HD Maps, environmental and meteorological monitoring, real-time highway traffic, road, bridge and culvert infrastructure sensor monitoring.

The company’s platform provides a visualised interactive online 3D highway digital twin software service in real-time, providing accurate display and retrospective restoration of road status and vehicle behaviours covering the entire road section.

With its platform, Luokung expects to implement real-time management of road sections, road network traffic and service intervention, operation situation analysis and judgement, simulations, traffic risk prediction, analysis and prediction of road traffic operation control effect, to meet various highway operation service demands and management needs under both normal and emergency states for highway operation departments.

Mr. Xuesong Song, Luokung’s Chairman and CEO, said, “We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Platform, which Luokung plans to utilise to provide commercial services for the Puxin Expressway Heze Section. We believe that signing this contract to provide services for the smart highway monitoring centre of the Puxin Expressway Heze Section is a testament to Luokung’s highway digital twin software service platform and products, and to EMG’s position in the smart highway industry application field. After the successful implementation of the early-stage national smart highway traffic demonstration projects in Changjiu Expressway which we announced in June 2021, the Company has gradually established a comprehensive smart highway product and services portfolio that supports autonomous V2X, which includes the highway digital twin service platform as a product serving highway operating departments. We are optimistic about the market opportunity presented by highway intelligence services and remain confident in our ability to secure contracts for additional commercial service implementations in the future.”