Kontron builds GSM-R network in Czech Republic

  • March 18, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

German embedded computer company Kontron is constructing a GSM-R (GSM for railways) network in the Czech Republic.

The construction will extend the existing GSM-R digital radio network operated by the state organisation Správa Železnic (www.spravazeleznic.cz) on the line between the city of Hranice and the border with the Slovak Republic. This GSM-R system, which provides voice and data services for daily railway operations, is a step towards modernising the railways in the Czech Republic.

This turnkey project will take about three years and the work is starting this month. It consists of various activities and technology connected to each other to achieve the common goal of a smooth-running GSM-R network for future ETCS (European train control system) level-two use. The project activities are supported by subcontractors.

“Správa Železnic has been a highly valued customer for many years and we are very pleased to contribute to the further modernisation of rail transport in the Czech Republic, increasing safety in rail traffic and bringing comfort for passengers,” said Petr Vitek, CEO of Kontron Transportation in Prague. “In this project we will be dealing with site design preparations, radio-frequency engineering, site construction, deployment of 29 base transceiver stations and integration, transmission network and final testing.”

Kontron will present a control panel product line based on the latest processor technology at next month’s Embedded World (www.embedded-world.de) exhibition in Nuremburg. The integrated software is based on Kontron’s smart QIWI toolkit and has the option to use Codesys SoftPLC.

Kontron (www.kontron.com) has expanded its HMI portfolio to include control panels based on Arm NXP i.MX8M Plus processors for device and machine controls and building automation. The product line is characterised by its improved overall high computing and graphics performance, connectivity and functions. The numerous interfaces allow for communication with various fieldbuses and cloud connections. In addition, the control panel with its internal M.2 slot and additional expansion connectors provides customisation options.

The case design with optically bonded multi-touch IPS displays has been retained according to the compatibility promise. They are available with aluminium or stainless-steel frames and are designed for use in industrial applications and for ambient temperatures from 0 to +55˚C. The standard version is suitable for installation in control cabinets and consoles with IP65 protection class at the front.

With the controller boards of the control panels, Kontron also provides the CU and CUMini top-hat rail computers, which are for use as edge devices. Thanks to their modular design, the control panels and control units can be adapted to requirements.

Codesys SoftPLC is optionally available for the fast and efficient implementation of automation and visualisation.

The integrated QIWI software toolkit provides options for configuration and parameterisation of the device settings, browser properties and Codesys settings. For example, configuring the network, time and language settings and uploading certificates for secure web site connections is possible both from the device directly and remotely. In addition, the toolkit provides a file and package manager as well as an update management system.