AI Telematics Platform for First Responders

  • October 6, 2020
  • William Payne

Minnesota based traffic signalling specialist Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) has launched an integrated fleet and urban traffic management system. The Opticom 360 integrates traffic signalling priority control with public fleet management. The new system is designed for public sector fleets such as first responders, and include end-to-end fleet management as well as traffic signal priority control.

Opticom 360 is the result of an inter-company partnership between GTT and Teletrac Navman. It builds on the integration of the emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption capabilities of GTT’s Opticom smart city solution and the AI-enabled, end-to-end fleet optimisation features of Teletrac Navman’s fleet management platform.

An underlying AI engine can work through multiple terabytes of data instantaneously to provide analytics, alerts and actionable insights. According to GTT, the platform can easily integrate with other city infrastructure and mobile assets.

“First-responders, transit managers, public works directors and traffic managers have significant responsibility for the safety and quality of life of others. Their priority is to get to and move people, safely and efficiently,” said Nicole Rennalls, GTT’s president. “Cities with fleets can now utilise Opticom 360’s capabilities to get a real-time view of their vehicles, teams and traffic infrastructure, all on the same screen.”

“Opticom priority control has led the industry for more than five decades, but as cloud computing has become pervasive, it’s now feasible to leverage connected vehicles and intersections to provide municipalities with so much more, including optimisation of mobility overall,” said Chad Mack, GTT’s head of product management. “We have gone beyond tactical data and on to more strategic insights, leveraging AI to drive meaningful, actionable decisions.”