Geotab monitors driver behaviour and cuts fuel use

  • April 17, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Canadian connected vehicle technology company Geotab is helping companies in south-east Asia monitor driver behaviour and reduce fuel consumption.

It has announced the availability of its Fuel Gauge Tap-In Harness tailored for south-east Asia markets. The fuel harness used with telematics can help monitor driver behaviour and aid drivers in reducing fuel consumption by increasing their efficiency and tracking excessive idle time, thus reducing overall fuel expenditure.

In south-east Asia, especially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, a prevalent problem faced by fleet operators is the shortage of fuel-level data visibility. This lack of information impedes businesses from effectively monitoring fuel consumption trends and optimising operational efficiency.

The fuel harness addresses this by tapping into the fuel gauge, providing access to crucial fuel-level data for vehicles where such information is traditionally inaccessible through the electronic control unit (ECU) or on-board diagnostic (OBD) ports.

“We observed that it is common for commercial vehicles in the region to lack fuel consumption data,” said David Brown, associate vice president, at Geotab. “This aims to empower fleet operators with comprehensive insights into fuel usage and fill-ups. We are excited to introduce it to the south-east Asia markets, offering a game-changing tool for fleet management. It not only fills the gap in fuel data accessibility but also ensures affordability and compatibility across a wide range of vehicles.”

Features include: enhanced operational efficiency through fuel usage tracking; reduction in fuel costs by identifying and mitigating fuel-inefficient behaviour; compatibility with vehicles both with and without diagnostic ports; and affordable and cost-efficient tailored for the south-east Asian market.

The fuel harness is complemented by a user-friendly software tool designed to streamline the configuration process post-installation, ensuring seamless integration with the vehicle’s make and model. Moreover, by connecting to the Geotab platform, businesses gain access to actionable insights on fuel consumption trends, proactive vehicle maintenance alerts, and customisable fuel management rules.

For a full list of supported vehicle models and to learn more about Geotab’s fuel management, visit

Geotab ( provide telematics for vehicle and asset tracking to more than 50,000 customers in 160 countries. It connects to over four million vehicles and process more than 75 billion data points a day.