Foxconn to build Indi EVs in Ohio

  • October 11, 2022
  • William Payne

Foxconn has agreed to manufacture Californian startup IndiEV’s new Indi One prototype EV, a car that blends conventional EV with AR, VR and gaming software across separate computers. The car will be manufactured in Foxconn’s factory in Ohio, a plant that currently produces electric pickup trucks and tractors.

IndiEV was founded by Chinese gaming software developer Shi Hai, and the company has said that the Indi One is designed to play any triple A, virtual or augmented reality game. The car’s interior has separate 15 inch touchscreens on the dashboard, one for the vehicle information system, which runs on Linux, and one for the games computer, which runs on an Intel i7 with Nvidia graphics running Windows. Passengers in the back of the vehicle can play games on the embedded i7-based system wearing VR or AR headsets.

Commenting on the agreement with Foxconn, IndiEV founder Shi Hai said, “The Indi One is a unique vehicle and it demands the highest quality of automotive craftsmanship as well as consumer electronics manufacturing and engineering. Partnering with Foxconn, the world’s leader in consumer electronics, during this exciting time in their entry into electric vehicles means that Indi One drivers will lead the way into the future of personal transit.”

“Our MOU with IndiEV marks the beginning of many more discussions to come regarding the future of EV manufacturing in Ohio. Throughout this process, Foxconn is confident in its Ohio workforce to manufacture quality prototypes that will help IndiEV achieve future success,” said Foxconn Chief Product Officer Jerry Hsiao. Details of the potential collaboration, beyond the prototype build, will be disclosed later as both sides remain in negotiation.

Foxconn assumed manufacturing operations at its Ohio facility after buying it from Lordstown Motors in May 2022. At present, the electric pickup truck production line in the facility has entered commercial production, and the tractor vehicle production line is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2023.