Ford embraces Mobileye for next generation

  • August 5, 2020
  • William Payne

Ford has secured a deal with Intel’s Israeli self driving technology division Mobileye. Mobileye will supply Ford with vision sensing technology for Ford’s driver assistance systems. The Mobileye technology will support Ford vehicles with its next generation Level 1 and Level 2 autonomous driving systems.

The new partnership with Mobileye marks a shift by the car maker away from Microsoft and its Sync! technology.

Ford has worked with Mobileye before. But the new partnership is the first time Ford has committed the entire lifecycle of a new generation of cars to Mobileye. This includes the upcoming F-150 and Mustang Mach-E models.

In addition to Mobileye’s vision technology, Ford is also committing to its auto high beam lamps, pre-collision assist and automatic emergency braking, active drive assistant, lane keeping system, and intelligent adaptive cruise control.

Mobileye’s EyeQ camera-based detection technology will be integrated into Ford vehicles to provide pedestrian and cyclist detection, forward collision warning, and hands free driving.

In addition to Mobileye, Ford will also be incorporating AI technology from Argo AI, which is providing machine learning technology for the self-driving platforms of both Ford and Volkswagen.