Cellular-proof last mile delivery robot

  • July 6, 2022
  • William Payne

Last mile transport specialist Segway-Ninebot is integrating its robot platform with autonomous vehicle DriveU.auto’s remote operation platform. The collaboration between the two firms aims for a robotic platform with remote operations-enabled “out-of-the-box” to allow last mile delivery service operators to rapidly deploy large fleets of delivery robots.

DriveU.auto’s software-based connectivity platform supports both cloud and hybrid architecture, allowing it to support large scale robot deployments. It is already in commercial use on sidewalks in the US and Europe.

The companies have announced that their joint offering is already in advanced deployment stages with customers in the last mile delivery space.

The Segway delivery robot has a small form factor and is designed for deliveries within dense urban areas.

According to Segway-Ninebot, having a human in the loop is imperative — whether for supervision, assisting the autonomous robot in edge cases, or to fully operate the delivery.

The new delivery platform is aiming for consistent high quality video connectivity with low latency to address unpredictable cellular network performance.

“We see delivery robots as a massive growth opportunity for Segway Robotics,” said Tony Ho, Vice President of Segway Robotics. “We are happy to join forces with DriveU.auto, creating a compelling joint offering of the market’s ‘best of breed’ robotic platform and remote operations in a single fully integrated package, to enable rapid deployment by last mile delivery companies around the globe.” 

“Partnering with Segway Robotics is an important milestone for DriveU.auto as we continue our expansion into the delivery robot space,” said Alon Podhurst, CEO of DriveU.auto. “Segway Robotics and DriveU.auto’s joint offering is a compelling integrated product for last mile delivery companies who wish to rapidly deploy services.”