CalAmp, Hyundai smart trailer data platform

  • September 15, 2021
  • William Payne

Transport analytics specialist CalAmp is partnering Hyundai Translead to launch an open platform smart trailer solution. HT LinkSense is integrated with the CalAmp edge-to-cloud smart trailer technology platform and provides insights to fleet operators to maximise trailer usage and increase efficiency.

The new platform smart trailer solution is designed to provide trucking companies with granular visibility into their trailer health and utilisation. Integrating an eco-system of industry-leading sensors with CalAmp’s smart trailer solar gateway and CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC), the new platform allows fleet operators to visualise trailer location, health, and usage through the CalAmp iOn web application. They can also pull these data insights into their existing enterprise management systems by using industry standard Application Programming Interface (APIs) to further streamline their operations.

CalAmp’s edge-to-cloud platform is factory-installed on Hyundai Translead trailers providing intelligence about every element of a trailer, from tyres and wheels to door status and the high-value cargo inside. It gives operations managers and other stakeholders awareness of their trailers and cargo while on the road or in the yard.

Initial data insights provided currently through the HT LinkSense and CalAmp smart trailer solution include: tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS); wheel end temperature systems (WETS); door open/close sensing; and cargo sensing. 

Additional sensing capabilities will be added through OEM sensor vendors to enable visibility across all trailer elements such as air disc brake pad wear, smart brake chamber, light out detection, weight and more.

“Fleet managers rely on a multitude of sensors and telematics devices to manage their transportation and logistics operations. Trailer management systems currently on the market operate under closed platforms that limit the capture of data insights to proprietary sensors and telematics systems, resulting in fragmented processes and limiting fleet visibility,” said Sean Kenney, chief sales officer of Hyundai Translead. “Along with CalAmp, we recognised the need for a solution that could break down these silos of information and with HT LinkSense, open more opportunities for full fleet connectivity and greater operational efficiency.”

“Working closely with Hyundai Translead, we’ve eliminated the barriers to real-time trailer and cargo visibility with this new open platform solution. By enabling universal connectivity through a network of industry-leading OEM sensor partners, we’re providing a single source of visibility so fleet managers can drive greater operational efficiency while making roads safer for all drivers,” said Jeff Clark, senior vice president of product management, CalAmp. “We will continue to deliver connected intelligence with our after-market smart trailer solutions that will further expand visibility to a broader array of vital assets and help our customers transform their businesses in meaningful ways.”