Bird emerges from bankruptcy with new name

  • April 17, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Micromobility operator Bird has emerged from Chapter 11 proceedings under a newly organised private parent company called Third Lane Mobility.

With a strengthened balance sheet, reduced operating expenses and right-sized capital structure, the transaction included the sale of Bird’s assets to Third Lane Mobility, which encompasses both the Bird and Spin brands.

Bird and Spin will continue to operate in and serve cities across the globe and are positioned for long-term, sustainable growth as they maintain and expand operations across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Over the past three months, both Bird and Spin have won multiple competitive bids and announced the launch of service in several new cities, including Corpus Christi, Texas; Greensboro, North Carolina; University of Illinois; Surrey and Mississauga, Canada; and Naples and Torino, Italy; as well as competitive renewals of services in Gap, France, and Zaragoza, Spain.

“This announcement marks the beginning of a new chapter for us as we embark on our next step as a private company,” said Michael Washinushi, co-CEO. “We are a substantially stronger business financially with many opportunities ahead that position us for long-term growth around the world. We look forward to both servicing and expanding our city partnerships as we deliver on the promise of micromobility by offering an alternative, eco-friendly mode of transportation to locals and tourists alike.”

This news comes as Bird and Spin enter their busy season and communities get back outdoors. With nearly 90 markets reopening for the warmer weather, the company anticipates tens of millions of rides across its global footprint in the coming months. More than 200,000 vehicles will be available around the world, including Bird’s and Spin’s latest technologically advanced models, which include swappable lithium-ion batteries, a front and rear braking system, and an anti-tip kickstand, among other features.

“We are excited to partner with all these communities, working together to enhance the liveability of each one,” said Stewart Lyons, co-CEO. “We are deeply committed to operating Bird and Spin for the long-term and thank our city partners for maintaining trust during this process. Together we can reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future.”

In the past year alone, Bird and Spin riders travelled over 82 million kilometres globally, which equates to circling the earth more than 2050 times and tens of millions of motor vehicle trips not taken. Together, these riders also helped prevent 10,191 metric tons of CO2 emissions. Bird’s acquisition of Spin in September 2023 made it the largest micromobility operator in North America. Third Lane Mobility is now the largest micromobility operator in North America.

Third Lane Mobility ( has on-demand mobility available in 350 cities across Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East.