Benteler reorients EV unit to autonomous mobility

  • November 8, 2022
  • William Payne

Austrian automotive technology group Benteler International AG has rebranded its EV business and reoriented it to autonomous mobility. The Benteler EV Systems business unit, which was spun off at the end of 2021, has been renamed Holon, and will focus on developing fully electric urban autonomous movers.

The company has also announced the development of its first autonomous mover, which will be premiered at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. In developing the new mover, Holon is working with a number of partners including Italian design company Pininfarina and Intel subsidiary Mobileye.

Mobileye is developing the self-driving system for the autonomous mover, while autonomous shuttle developer Beep is adding technologies and services for the deployment and operating systems of a mobility service. Pininfarina has designed the autonomous mover. The shuttles are scheduled to go into production in the United States starting in 2025.

Benteler and Holon are aiming at not only public transport companies but also municipalities and private institutions such as campuses, airports, national parks, and others. The companies are also looking at last-mile delivery. To this end, Holon is also aiming for special autonomous transport variants in the future.

The two companies are examining the possibility of working with other partners and investors for the new company. The first pilot applications, also outside of North America, are to be announced in the coming months and will be developed from 2023 onwards.

Ralf Göttel, Benteler Group CEO said: “Mobility around the world is undergoing rapid change. Benteler is optimally prepared for this – 85% of our products are technology and propulsion-method agnostic. In parallel with the traditional automotive business, innovative, digitally connected, and autonomous mobility services promise high growth in the coming years. With our engineering and manufacturing expertise, we are predestined to fill a gap in this hitherto strongly software-dominated field. By founding Holon, an independent legal entity, we can react flexibly to changing customer requirements in this dynamic market. In this way, we will make the best possible use of growth opportunities.”

Marco Kollmeier, Managing Director of Holon, said: “Autonomous movers are an essential part of tomorrow’s mobility – emission-free, comfortable, reliable and, above all, inclusive. Holon will be the first OEM for autonomous movers with the standards and scaling potential we know from the automotive industry. With our platform technology, our vehicle expertise, and our strong partner network, it’s our goal to redefine passenger transport – in both the public and private sectors.”