Autonomous Vehicle Safety Testing Improve

  • June 10, 2020
  • imc

Israeli start-up Foretellix and Hexagon subsidiary VIRES have announced an improved autonomous vehicle testing system. The new solution aggregates data from across all testing platforms to provide coverage-driven verfication.

The new solution integrates Foretellix’s Foretify platform with the VIRES Virtual Test Drive (VTD) simulation software.

Foretellix developed the Foretify platform, for intelligent verification automation and analytics of automated driving systems. The platform includes a Measurable Scenario Description Language (M-SDL) that can be used to describe both scenarios and coverage goals at a very high level. Automation can generate combinations of combinations of scenario variants along with monitors to check and track scenario coverage. 

The platform can aggregate coverage data from the execution across all testing platforms (test vehicles, test tracks, simulation, X-in-the-loop). It provides analytics and metrics for developers to know where they are, what to do next, when they’re done.

VIRES Virtual Test Drive (VTD) is a simulation suite used to test advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving systems. It enables the design of 3D environments and scenarios to simulate complex traffic scenarios and edge cases with high accuracy. It is modular, open standards-based, and connects with third party software and hardware to enable SiL, DiL, ViL, and HiL testing with test rigs, training simulators or sensors.

Both companies support an open ADAS and AV ecosystem and contribute to open standardisation efforts and are involved in ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems).

“Foretellix is excited to collaborate with VIRES in order to bring our joint customers a comprehensive simulation and verification solution, that also supports our mutual belief in open standards for the benefit of the automotive ecosystem,” said Ziv Binyamini, CEO of Foretellix.

“Getting autonomous vehicles to market is a challenge that requires unprecedented collaboration across the ecosystem, especially to verify the safe operation of automated driving systems. Open data and continuous collaboration are absolutely paramount. We are happy to integrate our tools with emerging technologies such as Foretellix that can offer customers new ways to address these challenges,” said Luca Castignani, Chief Automotive Strategist, MSC Software, part of Hexagon.