Amsted gateway monitors railway performance

  • August 28, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Amsted has introduced a gateway that provides a smarter way to monitor railway performance across North America.

The IQ gateway provides insights such as real-time location, impact detection and load status, and can be configured to include Bogie IQ wheelset and brake condition monitoring.

Chicago-based Amsted says its gateway is a cost-effective, solar-powered onboard device that provides rail shippers, asset owners and maintenance-responsible parties with actionable insights that help them reduce costs, enhance safety and optimise overall operating efficiency without expensive wireless sensors.

When mounted on the body of a railcar, a single IQ device provides accurate load status in motion for precise loaded and empty mileage calculations, dynamic ETA calculations that improve accuracy through frequency of location updates, geofence entry and exit alerts for first- and last-kilometre validation, impact detection capabilities, and more.

The device can also be mounted on the bolster of each bogie and configured with Bogie IQ technology. In addition to the capabilities of the body-mounted device, the Bogie IQ configuration provides frequent monitoring for wheel tread defects as well as real-time monitoring of brake slide events, count and location.

“The Bogie IQ configuration is just the beginning of what the IQ gateway will be able to do,” said Brad Myers, chief operating officer of Amsted Digital. “As we release future capabilities, customers will be able to apply the same kind of simple firmware updates to their existing IQ gateways, eliminating the need to invest in new devices.”

Data science and machine learning transform the raw data collected from the gateway into real-time, actionable intelligence that is available within Amsted’s supply-chain visibility software. The scalable and secure technology stack is built on Microsoft Azure and features a suite of fleet management tools. With quick access to insights and exception management capabilities, users can streamline operations, optimise routes, increase railcar use and reduce operating costs.

“We are proud to be the only true freight railcar component provider capable of seamlessly integrating railcar component performance with reliable onboard technology,” Myers said. “With Amsted Rail’s deep industry expertise and R&D resources and facilities, and Amsted Digital’s telematics experience, we’re able to provide these types of game-changing technologies that deliver unmatched value to our customers at minimal adoption cost.”

Amsted Digital ( is an affiliate of Amsted Rail, a provider of undercarriage and end-of-car railcar components, with manufacturing facilities spanning over 50 locations across six continents.