Airbiquity adapts industrial trucks for self-driving

  • August 3, 2021
  • William Payne

Airbiquity and Cyngn have integrated their technologies to provide companies operating industrial trucks and other material handling vehicles a route to autonomous driving using their existing fleets.

The two companies have integrated Airbiquity’s over the air software platform OTAmatic with Cyngn’s DriveMod autonomous driving technology. The integration is designed to help material handling companies adopt self driving technology by adapting their existing vehicle fleets, without the cost of vehicle replacement. Vehicles can be evolved into AV systems incrementally, leading to increasingly autonomous fleet management.

OTAmatic is an over-the-air (OTA) software and data management solution that orchestrates and automates connected vehicle software updates and data management from the cloud. 

DriveMod is Cyngn’s autonomous vehicle solution providing analytics, artificial intelligence, safety features, and self-driving capabilities for industrial vehicles. The technology is vehicle agnostic, which means DriveMod works across industrial vehicles regardless of age, vehicle type, or manufacturer. DriveMod can enable fleets of all shapes and sizes to drive autonomously via a retrofit or by being embedded into OEM vehicles at assembly.

Over time and with more data, DriveMod will develop a deeper understanding of the domains in which it operates. This information, combined with OTAmatic’s over-the-air software updates, will ensure autonomous vehicle fleets continue to generate novel value and efficiencies.

“On the heels of announcing our OTAmatic expansion into non-automotive industry vehicles, this partnership is further validation of the need for safe and secure industrial grade over-the-air software update management technology to ensure that autonomous vehicles are running most efficiently,” said Kamyar Moinzadeh, President and CEO of Airbiquity. “Working with Cyngn, we have the opportunity to help guide the future of autonomous vehicles and make our technology accessible to more industries.”

“Autonomous vehicle fleets generate vast amounts of data, which we leverage to derive greater insights and create opportunities for increased efficiency,” said Cyngn’s CEO Lior Tal. “By using Airbiquity’s most advanced and industry-proven over-the-air update technology, companies gain access to these ever-expanding capabilities without disrupting their daily operations.”