Actelis fibre-copper backs IoT connectivity in Japan

  • August 16, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Actelis Networks has received recent orders to deploy its hybrid fibre-copper networking to support IoT connectivity for major highway and rail systems in Japan.

The Californian company is continuing its momentum in the Asia-Pacific where it recently appointed Tzachy Givaty as regional vice president to lead development and channel partner expansion efforts.

The projects for Japanese highways and railways are being deployed with Actelis’ local channel partner, Hytec Inter, a distributor and developer of communications and networking equipment in Japan. Hytec delivers and provides full lifecycle support for premium end-to-end products in the government, defence and industrial market sectors.

“As traffic and rail systems continue to expand and become more intelligent, we know how important it is to reliably and securely transmit data for the IoT devices connected to these networks,” said Tuvia Barlev, CEO of Actelis. “Actelis very much appreciates the trust that Hytec and its clients have put in our company, allowing us to play a key role in the modernisation of their critical programmes.”

Actelis’ product for highway and rail systems in Japan are used for video surveillance connectivity, improving safety, security and traffic management. Actelis’ cyber and weather hardened network switches and aggregation devices boost the performance of existing wiring within communications networks, enabling and extending instant fibre-grade performance. The data collected by surveillance cameras are aggregated and transported back to operations centres for real-time monitoring and decision making.

Capable of delivering fibre-grade networking services over either new fibre or existing copper infrastructure, Actelis modernises and digitises traffic and rail networks immediately upon installation, using the client’s existing infrastructure. This approach allows operators to deploy new IoT devices throughout its network right away without the months of delays typically involved in trenching new fibre in hard-to-reach areas and avoiding the high cost of investing in infrastructure, while accommodating new fibre deployment at any time where economical.

Operators need to deploy their IoT devices in locations that are sometimes out of reach of the existing copper or fibre infrastructure. Actelis increases infrastructure investments by extending connectivity over thousands of kilometres of highway and railroad.

Actelis Networks specialises in cyber-hardened, rapid-deployment networking for wide-area IoT applications including federal, state and local government, ITS, military, utility, rail, telecoms and campus applications. Its portfolio of hybrid fibre-copper, environmentally hardened aggregation switches, high density Ethernet devices, management software and cyber-protection capabilities, can unlock the value of networks, delivering safer connectivity for rapid, cost-effective deployment.