TCS Industrial Experience Centre launched in Detroit

  • February 17, 2021
  • William Payne

Tata Consultancy Services has launched a Neural Automotive and Industrial Experience Centre in Troy, Michigan, to help customers reimagine their businesses and accelerate innovation.

The new centre showcases solutions from TCS’ Neural Automotive and Industrial suite that digitalise value chain functions, including TCS AutoAgile for Product Lifecycle Management, TCS intelliplan for connected supply chains, TCS mForce for digital customer experience and the TCS MiNE platform to manage enterprise intelligence and AI. 

The centre  provides customers with access to research and innovation being carried out at the various TCS Pace Ports, as well as to the larger start-up ecosystem which is part of TCS’ Co-Innovation Network.

After the initial ideation and prototyping at the centre, TCS will help customers realise those use cases, and take them from lab grade to industry grade, leveraging its cloud capabilities and customer-specific contextual knowledge.

The new centre includes an automotive garage set-up with access to the latest technologies for customers and partners to experiment, co-innovate, build prototypes, and launch solutions in an agile manner. 

This is achieved using TCS solutions and accelerators including TCS’ Autoscape and Autonomous Vehicle Development platform, to accelerate the adoption of autonomous, electric, and connected capabilities.

“TCS has been partnering with leading manufacturers in their growth and transformation initiatives. Our new Neural Automotive and Industrial Experience Centre, right in the heart of Troy’s manufacturing hub, is our latest investment towards helping customers scale up and accelerate innovation, leveraging the larger ecosystem,” said Partha Reddy, Head, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing, TCS. “This centre also reflects our commitment to invest and create next generation technology jobs in the region.”

TCS’ Neural Manufacturing framework is designed to support manufacturers in harnessing new technologies like AI/ML, cloud, blockchain and IoT. It helps enable the sense-perceive-act capabilities necessary to orchestrate purpose-driven, ecosystem-based intelligent business models for innovation, competitive differentiation and growth. The new TCS Neural Automotive and Industrial Experience Centre is designed to help manufacturers accelerate their innovation and realise these neural traits.