ST secures edge IIoT to AWS IoT Core

  • October 2, 2023
  • William Payne

STMicroelectronics has added new software to its STM32Cube development tools to simplify connecting high-performing IoT edge devices to the AWS cloud. The X-CUBE-AWS-H5 expansion package contains a set of libraries and application examples designed for high-performance microcontrollers of the STM32H5 series, which act as end devices.

The solution is built on the FreeRTOS open-source real-time operating system and ST’s Secure Manager embedded security software. The recently announced STM32H5 Discovery kit can be used with this solution and allow secure connection of STM32H5-based prototypes to AWS IoT Core.

STM32H5 devices are programmed with their own immutable identity at the ST factory. Combined with ST’s Secure Manager, this simplifies registering smart devices to AWS cloud and removes the need for costly infrastructure otherwise necessary to keep the identities of IoT objects secret during their production. 

Remote provisioning and administration of credentials will also be available via third-party service providers, during production of devices and in the field.

The isolation properties provided by Secure Manager enables multitenant IP protection, safeguarding the intellectual property of multiple owners. It is part of a set of services to protect confidentiality and integrity of assets belonging to STM32 developers and partners, through development, manufacturing, and in the field.

“The STM32H5 is ready for the next generation of IoT edge devices, bringing the performance to handle complex applications within a tight energy budget,” said Daniel Colonna, STM32 Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics. “The STM32Cube ecosystem helps developers unleash its powerful capabilities, accelerate development, and, with our latest software, connect securely to the powerful storage and data-analytics services in the AWS cloud.”