Software AG and SAP integrate asset management

  • August 21, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

SAP is to integrate its intelligent asset management suite with Software AG’s Cumulocity industrial IoT platform.

Users should benefit from tight product integration and closed-loop asset performance management (APM).

SAP’s APM provides live data and analytics for high-value, critical assets, empowering organisations to predict and prevent asset failures, reduce downtime and improve overall asset efficiency. However, with the complexity of OT and IT landscapes and asset sensor connectivity, SAP APM users need capabilities to manage machine intelligence from any data source, any IoT platform and from any machine.

This is where Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform comes in, offering a centralised hub to connect and manage the assets and perform live monitoring and analytics by integrating data from a wide range of sources, including edge devices, legacy systems and cloud-based applications.

“We are excited about this initiative with our partner Software AG and the integration of its Cumulocity IoT platform with our APM,” said Dominik Metzger, head of engineering at SAP. “This collaboration enables us to provide our joint customers with a comprehensive, closed-loop that enhances overall operational efficiency.”

Stefan Sigg, CPO of Software AG, added: “By combining SAP’s expertise in APM with Software AG’s industry-proven Cumulocity IoT platform, we are delivering the next-generation APM with fast time-to-value that will help customers manage their assets remotely in a secure, scalable and resilient manner and achieve even greater operational efficiency and outcomes.”

Founded in 1969, Software AG helps deliver the experiences with technology that creates the digital backbone to integrate applications, devices, data and clouds. It empowers streamlined processes and connects things such as sensors, devices and machines. The German company helps more than 10,000 organisations become connected enterprise and make smarter decisions, faster. The company has about 5000 employees across more than 70 countries and annual group revenue of over €950m.